From Cool To Cozy: Best Patio Heaters Of 2024!

From Cool To Cozy: Best Patio Heaters Of 2024!

As 2024 unfolds, our outdoor spaces have blossomed into full-fledged extensions of our living areas, where we connect, dine, and unwind. The advent of a quality patio heater can seamlessly bridge these moments into the cooler seasons, ensuring continuous warmth and comfort. 

This concise guide delves into the top patio heaters of 2024, crafted to keep your outdoor gatherings warm and inviting throughout the year. Let’s find out a cozy heater for you!

1) FDW Outdoor Patio Heater: The Classic Choice


The FDW Outdoor Patio Heater blends elegance and functionality, offering a substantial 41,000 BTU output to warm a 10-foot area around it. Its striking pyramid structure isn't merely aesthetic but incorporates practical features such as an automatic tilt shut-off valve for safety and wheels for easy relocation. 

Though some may find its heating capacity wanting in icy conditions, its durability, ease of movement, and stylish appearance make it a favored option for those looking to combine functionality with visual appeal in their outdoor heating solution.

2) Briza Carbon Infrared Heater: The Efficient Electric

The Briza Carbon Infrared Heater exemplifies electrical heating efficiency, utilizing advanced infrared technology to deliver targeted warmth to your outdoor spaces. Its inclusion of a tripod stand adds a layer of versatility, offering three distinct heat settings to tailor the warmth to your preference. 


Designed to focus on safety, this heater is built with a durable weather-resistant cover and features an automatic safety switch that activates if it tips over. This makes it an ideal and dependable option for those prioritizing safety and effectiveness in their electric patio heating solutions.


3) Dr Infrared Heater: The Space-Saver

The Dr Infrared Heater Outdoor Patio Heater presents an ideal solution for space-conscious individuals. This model is designed to be mounted, liberating valuable floor space while providing adjustable warmth through three power settings, all controllable via a remote. 


Crafted from weather-resistant aluminum, it promises durability, although its performance in freezing climates might be limited. Its sleek design and efficient heating capability suit those with limited space who want to maintain warmth.


4) East Oak E-Glow Wall And Standing Electric Heater: The Flexible Friend

Offering unmatched adaptability, the East Oak E-Glow Wall & Standing Electric Heater caters to various outdoor settings thanks to its dual installation options. Rated IP65 for water resistance, this electric heater can either stand on its own or be mounted, providing flexibility. 


With three heat settings accessible by remote, it ensures convenience and adaptability, making it a top pick for those requiring a versatile outdoor heating solution.

5) Hampton Bay Stainless Steel Patio Heater: The Propane Powerhouse

The Hampton Bay Stainless Steel Patio Heater is a powerhouse with an impressive 48,000 BTU output, capable of enveloping large patios in comforting warmth. Constructed for endurance, its stainless steel build is made to last, though the lack of wheels might hinder its mobility. 


It's an excellent selection for those needing robust heating coverage, offering high performance and durability for extensive outdoor areas.

6) Solo Stove Tower Patio Heater: The Eco-Friendly Innovator

In eco-friendly options, the Solo Stove Tower Patio Heater stands out with its use of wood pellets, providing a green alternative to traditional heating methods without sacrificing heat output, boasting 72,000 BTUs. 


Its automatic pellet hopper and effective heat distribution from the base upwards make it environmentally friendly and highly efficient. Ideal for those committed to sustainability, this heater offers a potent, eco-conscious heating solution for outdoor environments.

Making Your Choice:

Selecting the correct patio heater involves considering your specific needs, such as the size of your outdoor space, preferred power source, mobility, and aesthetic preferences. Your choice of patio heaters can vary widely. You might prefer the traditional warmth propane heaters offer, such as the FDW Outdoor Patio Heater and the Hampton Bay model. 


Alternatively, electric heaters like the Briza and East Oak E-Glow offer efficiency and enhanced safety features. The Solo Stove Tower provides sustainable warmth for those seeking an eco-friendly option. Each type caters to different outdoor heating needs, ensuring a perfect heater for every outdoor space.